James J



My hobbies have been IT related for a long time. In fact, we are approaching 15 years in the industry. If we count personal life too, we are looking at 23 years at a command prompt.

Over the years this site has taken on a lot of new faces. Nucleus CMS, Drupal, MovableType, etc. Currently it runs Jekyll. I am partial to Ruby due to Chef, and Jekyll is effectively Ruby that generates HTML based on templates and markdown files. So, not having to worry about any of the latest PHP, or webscript vulnerabilities is nice.

Much like the tools we work with, my hobbies have expanded. I think I am going to start to include some of my blacksmithing/woodworking. I normally just post it on instagram. So I put together a small script that will sync the posts over. Unfortunately it has all the instagram css, which looks like shit, but I am done fighting with it for now..