James J



My hobbies have been IT related for a long time. In fact, we are approaching 15 years in the industry. If we count personal life too, we are looking at 23 years at a command prompt.

Over the years this site has taken on a lot of new faces. Nucleus CMS, Drupal, MovableType, etc. Currently it runs Jekyll. I am partial to Ruby due to Chef, and Jekyll is effectively Ruby that generates HTML based on templates and markdown files. So, not having to worry about any of the latest PHP, or webscript vulnerabilities is nice.

The site was started on a VPS with Adiungo. I could have literally carried the packets to the end user faster. In the end, they over-subscribed a bit too much. The Disk IO was just unacceptable. Having learned my lesson, I moved to a Dedicated Server in a Datacenter called CoreNetworks. Unfortunately they were acquired several years later, and their dedicated server hosting was killed off. On the search again, we settled on Psychz. Unfortunately good help is hard to find. After they cleared the network ACLs, and left my under garments exposed with no notice, I decided to move to AWS.

Oddly enough, AWS looks to be both cheaper, and faster. Who knows what the future holds from here.