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13 May 2020

Setting up Network Bound Disk Encryption(NBDE) on CentOS 8

Description Setup Tang server. Setup Clevis client Install Clevis Conclusion / Demo. Extra - Delete the tang server association  ...

18 Dec 2019

Update CUDA from 9.1 to 10.1

Description Remove old versions Add repository Install the specific version Add machine learning repository Conclusion   Description Newer software is...

01 Nov 2019

The simplest dpkg you will ever build

Description Directory Structure Customization Build Pre/Post Install (Optional) Conclusion   Description If you have worked with Linux for any length...

09 Oct 2019

RHEL8: Adding a second drive to LVM

Description Partition Add a partition Tag the partition LVM Add PV to VG Create a new Logical Volume(LV) Extend an...

01 Oct 2019

Centos 8: live updating the kernel using kpatch

Intro Dependencies kernel source Work around Install kpatch Make some changes Building the kernel patch Changes Building Test   Intro...

29 May 2019

Image Builder (composer-cli) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8)

  Image Builder - Configuration aka Blueprints Lets start with basic configuration manipulation. Blueprint uses .toml files with a git-like...

15 Mar 2019

Building Syslog-NG with TLS/SSL support on CentOS6

Enabling TLS/SSL for Syslog-NG in CentOS6 The default CentOS6 syslog-ng is not built with ssl/tls support. So, we have to...

03 Mar 2019

Chef: Extending Ohai to include custom data

  Automation seems to be the mantra of DevOps. One of the challenges that comes along with Automation, is the...

05 Feb 2019

Docker: Basics

  Docker: Basics   Docker is the underlying technology in the containerization craze sweeping our industry. Should you need multiple...

30 Jul 2018

How to install Google Cloud SDK in CentOS6 without breaking things

  How to install Google Cloud SDK in CentOS6 without breaking things   The long and short of it is...

30 Jun 2018

You don't know GIT!?

You don’t know GIT!? Currently GIT is a relatively common tool for anyone working in the industry. For those of...

22 May 2018

Chef-Solo: Basic cookbook intro using NTP from scratch

  Install the Chef Development Kit I am using CentOS 7. Grab the package appropriate for you from here [root@testbox...

11 May 2018

Folding@Home: Linux FAHClient Command Line Installation/Usage

  Overview   A friend of my wife recently lost her husband to a rare form of Cancer. From diagnosis...

11 Apr 2018

Docker: Making a single binary micro-container

  What do we want to containerize   This can be done with whatever binary you choose. You will just...

22 Mar 2018

Secure password sharing via self destruction.

Overview   Often we find ourselves in a situation where we have to share a password. But how do you...

12 Dec 2017

CentOS 6: Upgrade GCC to 5.3.1

  CentOS 6: Upgrade GCC to 5.3.1   Install CentOS SCL repo. yum -y install centos-release-scl   Install the actual...

01 Nov 2017

/dev/[u]random: entropy explained

  Entropy When the topic of /dev/random and /dev/urandom come up, you always hear this word: “Entropy”. Everyone seems to...

21 Sep 2017

sysstat: keep more than 30 days worth of sar data

  Being a good sysadmin, you should comb through your logs periodically… Even better, get a log analyzer. With that...

01 Sep 2017

strace: how do I even use this?

  Strace is one of those tools that can be quite intimidating. But if you dont know how to use...

30 Jul 2017

sysstat: run sar more than one time per minute

  While working on some issues with performance, we needed a bit more granularity than the 10 minute default that...

04 Jul 2017

VMware ESX 6.5: The provided manifest file is invalid: Invalid OVF manfiest entry

Set the stage: Recently while deploying an OVA that I had deployed many times before, I came across this error....

04 Jul 2017

RPM SPEC: Directives of interest

This is not intended to be an extensive guide to building rpms. Although, if there is interest, that can be...

19 May 2013

LVM: Slaving an old drive with existing data

I have an old drive with existing LVM data. The drive is plugged in as /dev/sdb. [root@bt ~]# fdisk -l...

12 Feb 2013

Named: Disable zone transfer(AXFR)

  Recently I have been watching my log files a lot more closely. While doing so, I noticed A LOT...

07 Jan 2013

LFTP: File Transfer Swiss Army Knife

Working in the industry, at one time or another, you will have to transfer files. Im sure it will be...

10 Mar 2012

RPM: Rebuild corrupt rpmdb

So this used to happen a lot… but since yum, not so much… Like an impatient admin, I got tired...