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15 Oct 2017

smurf.c: The first DDoS attack tool (20th Anniversary)

  History Smurf.c(by TFreak) hit the spotlight 20 years ago this month(Oct 1997). To give you an idea of the...

31 Aug 2012

N2N: Super simple VPN

So having a bunch of success with PF_RING, I decided to check out some of ntop.org's other creations. One I...

02 Oct 2010

Cisco 2960G: logging synchronous

Quite frequently, if you are running enabling debugging on something, it is going to be a little too verbose. Then...

02 Oct 2010

Cisco 2924XL: Port Channel

As part of a project I wanted to go ahead and setup port channels on my Cisco 2924s. Apparently on...